High Quality Plastic Moving Box

High Quality Plastic Moving Box

56L stack nest tote logistics moving container with lid

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High quality 56L stack nest tote logistics plastic moving box with lid

Stack and nest containers are the ideal choice for companies that need to maximize the use of space in warehouses, store backrooms and shipping trailers. These professional plastic packages can save space in two ways:

By creating a stable stack when they carry products;

By nesting them in a compact stack when they are not used.

The stack and nest storage containers occupy 70% less space when nested. They feature both standard (EURO, ISO) footprints and non-standard dimensions, as well.

Where Are Stack and Nest Containers Most Useful?

The industrial stack and nest containers are useful in a wide range of applications: as order picking boxes, to store products in store backrooms and for busy distribution hubs that need to optimize the use of storage space.

These reusable stack and nest plastic containers can be used throughout the food production industry, from agriculture, to food processing plants and retail stores displaying fresh fruit and bakery products. Some of the products in this range of professional packaging materials for B2B use have specific features to suit the special needs of various industries:

Sealable lids and thermo-insulating inserts for the pharma industry;

Perforated bottoms for drainage for transporting fresh fish;

Smooth inner walls and vented sides for fresh fruit and vegetable.


The ability to stack and nest of this plastic crate suits a wide range of  food, clothes, fruit, vegetable, beverage, household appliance, electronics, warehousing and distribution.



Stack and Nest Containers with Lids for Increased Convenience

To make your employees’ work faster and easier when preparing orders for shipping, some of the stack and nest storage containers have attached lids. These lids have hinges and a crocodile locking design. Thus, they can be fastened properly, and then folded to allow nesting the empty plastic containers.

The packaging experts at Logistic Packaging encourage you to browse our complete range of stack and nest containers and contact us to discuss your project!

High quality plastic moving box used by banks, insurance companies, law firms, warehouses, security firms, transport companies,corporate offices,bookstores, hospitals, pharmacies, moving companies,etc.


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