Collapsible Large Plastic Pallet Container

Collapsible Large Plastic Pallet Container

Long Lasting Export Ready Washable Vented & Non Vented Collapsible & Non Collapsible Range Of Sizes

Collapsible Large Plastic Pallet Container

Plastic Crates are the premium solution when you’re looking for a clean crate to store your produce. They can be steam pressure cleaned giving you the ability to reuse without contaminating your goods.

With lids and bases that interlock, they can be doubled up to save on space in your warehouse.

All of the Plastic Crates / Plastic Bins we carry come with the option of buying a lid to suit, covers for vents on the vented options and in some cases, wheels.

folding plastic box

folding pallet box 


This container is indispensable for most storage and transport applications in the automotive, retail, distribution, electronics and manufacturing industry. Logistic Packaging offers 3 types of foldable pallet containers:

– sleeve pack unit for bulky products;

– injection mould containers;

We can also supply the perforated walls container for retail.

The foldable pallet containers have smooth, easy to clean surfaces. When it is not used, the walls can be collapsed down on the pallet, thus helping you save storage space and pay less for the return trip of the empty containers.

The foldable large containers are designed and manufactured for intense use over a long period of time. At the end of their useful life, the containers are 100% recyclable.