Bulk Foldable Plastic Pallet Container

Bulk Foldable Plastic Pallet Container

heavy duty bulk foldabe plastic pallet container stacking with 5-8 layers

Bulk foldable plastic pallet contanier

folding pallet bin

Collapsible containers can provide strong, secure material handling with minimal space. Our collapsible containers are durable and reusable, providing optimal storage and stacking.

In addition, these hand-held collapsible containers offer key features that make using our plastic containers simple.

Collapsible tote knock down ratios as high as 5:1

Compatibility with standard AIAG 48″ x 45″ pallet systems

Lower transportation costs and containers warehousing storage costs

Large label and cardholder areas on each collapsible container provide easy identification and improved inventory control

Optional lids offer increased protection

Collapsible functionality brings significant savings on inbound freight.

Collapsible Container Specifications

There are several reasons why companies seek out collapsible bulk containers. In the long-term, they’re reusable which makes them an extremely environmentally-friendly way of doing business. The fact that they’re collapsible also means they have a quick set-up and are easy to store. If you’re interested in collapsible, stackable containers, here’s a little bit about some advantages others have found in using them.

A pallet container is a plastic heavy-duty storage container. The sides of these collapsible plastic containers can be released and collapsed into a compact and stackable unit. These large collapsible plastic containers can be used to hold manufactured parts and bulk materials, such as appliance parts and automotive parts. Because these collapsible plastic containers are made of a heavy-duty plastic, some can hold over 4,000kg. Collapsible plastic containers are deliberately constructed to be mobile, and are easily transported around a warehouse floor through the use of forklifts and some pallet jacks.

What Are Collapsible Containers (Knock-Down Containers)?

Collapsible containers, also known as knock-down containers or knock-down bins, are space-saving containers perfectly engineered for durability and longevity. These containers are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a durable material that will protect your product throughout the duration of the container’s life.

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