Foldable large Folding Container

This is a special deal on brand new folding China Standard plastic bulk boxes (also known as bulk bins, bulk containers or pallet boxes) for a limited time only.


Product Specifications

Why buy these folding Australian Standard plastic bulk boxes?

Vented, folding Australian Standard plastic bulk boxes

High Return Ratio – Fold to nearly a third of the space when empty

Drop Gates front and back – Fruit, vegetables, meat and parts can be loaded quickly and easily

Bottom Drainage – Small holes in the base ensure safe transport

Self-locking Sides with Wide Handles – Easy assembly and disassembly by a single person

Safety Features – Friction pads on skids and base and racking recess locators in skids

Stacking Strength & Durability – Can be stacked 6-high to save floor space

* Offer valid for a limited time only

Eliminate hassle and cost! Get the best plastic pallets, crates and bulk containers for your export, distribution, agriculture and manufacturing. Benefit from our experience with expert advice that will protect your products and employees and save you money for many years.

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Plastic pallets, crates and bulk containers are also much safer to work with from a Workplace Health and Safety (OH&S) perspective. No splinters, no breakage, lighter weight, UV protected and easy to steam clean.

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