Plastic Foldable Bin for Automotive Industry

Plastic Foldable Bin for Automotive Industry

Automotive Plastic Foldable Bulk Bins Durable and Strong Easy to transport use

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Foldable Plastic Bulk Bin for Automotive Industry

Automotive Plastic Foldable Bulk Bins are very popular in the automotive industry.

Usually these are very strong structural foam units, although longer containers are used when required for specific parts such as exhaust systems. Bulk containers are advantageous in terms of being stackable when full to save space in transit or storage, as well as in folding when empty to minimize space requirements for storage and return. Parts can be loaded in bulk inside the container, or protected by dividers or other internal dunnage. Ease of access to parts inside the container is another important consideration in bulk container design. This can be facilitated by specific design features to meet this need.

folding plastic pallet box folding pallet binfoldable bulk bins

Plastic Foldable Bulk Bin
Dynamica Load1000 kg
Static Load4000 kg
Stacking5-8 layers stackable
foldable container

Foldable Large Containers (FLCs) are collapsible plastic containers used to transport variety of cargoes. They are designed to reduce the cost of relocating empty containers while providing maximum product protection and load stability. ENL offers FLCs particularly for automotive industry, where components are small in size and need to be delivered in bulk quantities directly to the production line in standard containers. FLC has the provision to incorporate customized inserts within the container to house the components as per the requirement of the OEM. Further, FLCs are of standard dimensions to meet regional requirements and are accepted by the majority of automotive manufacturers and suppliers. FLCs features include ergonomic latches & In the automobile industry, usage of FLCs helps in minimizing supply chain hassles as the auto components can directly be delivered to the assembly lines without having the need to pack and store them separately. Its modular design and HDPE (High-density polyethylene) content ensures easy handling, quick installation / dismantling and adequate cargo protection.

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The increasingly global automotive supply chain has increased the cost of empty packaging return. Longer supply lines have stimulated new interest in plastic foldable bulk bins reusable packaging solutions such as pooling, as well as the use of expendable packaging, although the use of disposable packaging results in solid waste generation, repacking labor and other potential inefficiencies – giving industry pause to recall why it converted to reusable packaging in the first place.

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