High quality foldable transportation plastic pallet box

1.size:1200x1000x1000mm 2. material:100% HDPE 3.weight:55kg 4. volume:887L 5. static load:1t, dynamicload:1t racking load;1t

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Material:100% HDPE 


Static load:1t


Racking load:1t

Certificate: SGS, ISO9001:ISO14001, EN840, GB/ T28001-2001.

Product Description

*Industrial grade polymer structural foam plastic shipping container resists oils, chemicals and moisture. 

*Smooth interior surface is easy-to-clean. Durable design for strength and greater capacity.

*Steel tube inside for reinforcement in the base.

*2-4 hopper gates with drop-down doors are included for easy access, even when stacked. 

*Drop door avialble on 2 sides. Allows 4-way forklift access. FDA approved gray color.

*Folding boxes are available for those who do not want their empty containers to take up the same volume in storage or on the truck. 

*They can be collapsed to a fraction of their volume. When unfolded, they are on a par with the rigid containers in terms of stability and load capacity.

*Functional detailed solutions ensure maximised suitability for everyday use, high-quality workmanship and a long industrial service life

*The foldable containers can be used in a variety of applications. They are space-saving, extremely cost effective and compatible with other re-usable packaging systems.

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