Foldable Pallet Box for Automotive

Foldable Pallet Box for Automotive

Foldable Pallet Box is foldable, durable and strong enough for automotive industry use. Cooperated with Ford, Thyssen Krupp, Chep Also auto parts, bearing storing and transport

Product Details

Advantages of foldable pallet box for automotive industry.

M-fold system to optimize storage space;

Made of high density polypropylene for an extended useful life;

Loading capacity of up 4,000 kg;

Stackable to maximize the use of trailer space;

Wide side loading door for easy access;

The base is a sturdy pallet with closing lid and locking system to keep goods safely stored;

100% recyclable.

Further, foldable pallet box reduce transportation and inventory carrying costs by deploying a single customized container and ensuring Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery. Foldable large container usage negates cost of disposable packaging such as one-way cardboard/wooden containers. When empty, foldable large container can be folded and stacked, thus offering significant transportation & storage cost savings. A standard Foldable Large Container (FLC) is predominantly used in Auto components industry.

Features for our foldable pallet box below.

  • Type: 1210D

  • size 1200*1000*1000mm

  • weight 55kg

  • material hdpe

  • dynamic load 1,000kg, static load 4,000kg

  • loading quantity: 60pcs/20ft, 150pcs/40hc

Material HDPE
Dynamic load
Static load4t
Weight 55kg

folding pallet bin

folding plastic pallet box

stacking pallet container

Our foldable container solutions are used by the automotive industries in Europe, the Americas, and Asia Pacific for both domestic and cross border supply chains.

The Foldable Large Container (FLC) builds on the proven performance of existing bulk containers. It is specifically designed to reduce the cost of relocating empty containers while providing maximum product protection and load stability.

The range of containers includes different heights to meet regional requirements and is accepted by the majority of automotive manufacturers and suppliers. The foldable pallet container has two access doors and four-way entry base.

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