Folding Pallet Box

Folding Pallet Box

A folding plastic pallet container box for long lasting performance in the most demanding environments,also offer excellent internal capacity and are very sturdy.

Folding pallet box in a range of sizes, many with drop down doors to facilitate easy access. These collapsible boxes are used to transport heavy and bulky items and as per the name, have pallet feet and are designed to be transported by fork lift truck or pallet truck. Our folding boxes stack securely when in use and fold down when empty to save space and reduce return transport costs.

The advantage of folding pallet box 

1. Drop door is available on both side;

2. Lable holders are assembled on long side and short side;

3. Spare parts are available for replacement;

4. Four ways entry.

Fruit and vegatables transportation


Fruit and vegatables storage


3 pieces/ bundle with stretch film or can be packed as customer requirment


Folding pallet box is widely used in most major industries, including engineering, textile manufacturers, car manufacturers, meat processing, recycling companies and waste management, use folding plastic pallet boxes.

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