Heavy duty Folded large container

Heavy duty Folded large container

1.Size:1200x1000x1000mm 2.Weight:55KG 3.Volume:887L 4.Static load:4000KG,Dynamic load:1000KG

Product Characteristic

* Constructed of environmental friendly material, such as steel fittings, mineral wool, fiber cement board, glass magnesium board and so on. They are recyclable and with low thermal conductivity. Those plastic storage pallet box to obvious insulation effect. 

* The temperature is kept about 24 degree centigrade all over the year. That is warm in winter and cool in summer with high energy saving. Transported in Flat pack manner. Solid folding plastic bulk container. * The dimension of the bundle is same to the Dimension of the standard shipping container. So the bundle can be carried by container truck. Comparing with the freight of one shipping container, plastic folding solid bulk container, foldable pallet container use for automatic industry, four ways entry, large collapsible plastic pallet container.

* When the folding plastic pallet box is assembled, they can be stacked vertically 4 high fully loaded, or the bulk box can be placed on standard racking with the bulk box having 2 or 3 skids fitted. Once the folding box pallet is folded flat, a 63% saving of space is gained when stacked.   

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