Heavy duty large foldable storage container with lid

1.Size:1200x1000x1000mm 2.Weight:55kg 3.Material:HDPE 4.Static load:4t,Dynamic load:1t 5.Load qty 20GP:60pcs,40HQ:151pcs

Material: HDPE
Weight: 55 kg
Stackable,foldable and reusable.
Lid is available.
Dynamic load 1000kg, static load 4000kg in single use.
Dimensionally stable in temperatures ranging from -40C to +70C.
Forklift entry:4 ways.and suitable for mechanical forklift and manual hydraulic vehicle.                                         

Widely used for groceries, auto parts, paint, building materials, metal products. Can be used on the beam rack.

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It is a stable, foldable standard container with extra height and ergonomically shaped folding doors In long side(1200mm), easy to handle the goods in container and can also accommodate the interior dunnage when empty.

Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning and product protection. No splinters, rust or paint chips to contaminate products. Four disassembled containers fit into a single unit with the pallet bases nested on top. That means five containers fit in the footprint of one.

Use our Collapsible plastic containers for multifunctional, portable storage – anywhere it’s needed! The roomy interior is ideal for everything from holding shopping bags in the trunk to toting cleaning supplies. And best of all, when the plastic crate is not in use, just give the handles a twist to collapse it down to mere inches in one smooth, motion,and it will save up to 75% space.

Steel tube inside for reinforcement in the base, allow safe stacking up to six high (600kg load in stacking, 5 over 1 in static and 1 over 1 in dynamic). And they are stackable and collapsible, easily for return transport.

Rack load is 1000kg : refers to the box 1.2m edge on the beam rack or cross-beam overhead on other similar racks, the goods in the box evenly placed

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