Foldable Plastic Pallet Container

Foldable Plastic Pallet Container

Large foldable plastic pallet container can be widely used for auto industry, collapisible and stackable Dyanmic load 1t, static load 4t Lid is an option

Foldable plastic pallet container

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Industry use foldable plastic pallet container specifications.

Foldable plastic pallet container
External dimension(mm)Load quantity(PC)
LWH20GP40HQInner Height(mm)
MaterialDynamic load Static load                          
HDPE 1000kg4000kg    


Industry use foldable plastic pallet container features:

-Material: HDPE

-Dynamic load 1000 kg, static load 4000 kg in single use

-500kg load in stacking, 4 over 1 in static and 1 over 1 in dynamic

-Four way entry

-Drop door is available on both side

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    foldable plastic pallet container packaging photos.


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