Large heavy duty industry folding plastic pallet bin

Large heavy duty industry folding plastic pallet bin

*Material: HDPE *Dynamic load 1000 kg, static load 4000 kg in single use *500kg load in stacking, 4 over 1 in static and 1 over 1 in dynamic *Four way entry *Drop door is available on both side

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Product Details

Large heavy duty industry folding plastic pallet bin

External dimension(mm)Load quantity(pc)
LWH20GP40HQInner Height(mm)

5_副本.jpgProduct Characteristic

-Collapsible pallet boxes are very convenient and save on storage space when not in use, they can even be stacked upon each other when fully collapsed. 

-When the folding plastic pallet box is assembled, they can be stacked vertically 4 high fully loaded, or the bulk box can be placed on standard racking with the bulk box having 2 or 3 skids fitted. Once the folding box pallet is folded flat, a 63% saving of space is gained when stacked.

-Due to it is made from plastic, it is both fully washable and immune to weather and rusting issues. It is also 100% recyclable. Additionally, with chemical analysis department, the physical inspection department, service department, we treat products quality as the lifeblood of enterprise.

-Also it is ergonomically friendly for you to access the interior of the box. It is a stable, foldable standard container with extra height. We make every effort to meet your requirements, never being blindsighted by short-term interest. Offering reputable after-sales service, we give you peace of mind in growing your business.

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