Large Plastic Bulk Containers

Large Plastic Bulk Containers

quality control virgin HDPE 100% material fastest delivery time cost effective

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Large Plastic Bulk Containers provide high advantages and money saving due to their long life and reusable design. Unlike corrugated or wooden containers, which can perish over time, collapsible pallet bins provide a more durable design which can be used time and time again for many products over the years.

1).large plastic bulk containers are used for transportation and storage .

2).They have corrosion resistance, non-absorbent,moth-proof and other excellent feature,so  they adequately protect cargoes.

3).With irreplaceable advantages of wooden pallet boxes : Moisture proof, mouldproof, no nails, no thorns, no pests, flaky, recyclable, safety and health, etc.

4). 4 ways,applicable for transposition by forklift

5).Pallet boxes are made of HDPE, poisonless and harmless

6). Fold-able features save more spaces in empty transportation and storage in warehouse.

stylelarge plastic bulk container
external specification1200*1000*1000mm
inside specification1117*918*865mm
foldable specification1200*1000*400mm
dynamic load
static load4000kg
racking load500kg
material HDPE OR PP

Large foldable collapsible plastic virgin HDPE industry pallet container

Because large plastic bulk container are the width size of a pallet, they provide easy transport and neat packing in or on any transportation vehicle. Forklifts can easily organize and pack the pallets evenly, ready for transport, making the work environment more efficient.

Environmental protection: large plastic bulk container are environmentally friendly products, because they can be recycled and reused, greatly reducing the cost of garbage and disposal. The use of container can prevent the loss of thousands of mu of forest every year

Plastic tray fumigation-free and inspection-free products can be exported directly to Europe, America and other countries. With the continuous improvement of production conditions, storage conditions, process control and quality management requirements, plastic pallets began to appear and soon occupied a place due to the insurmountable limitations of wooden pallets in sanitary conditions and standardized production. All food, beverages and medicines exported should be transported on large plastic bulk container

Environmental protection and conservation of plastic pallets: plastic pallets replace wood with plastics, which can be recycled and used to save resources and meet the requirements of national environmental protection. In the long run, the cost-effective pallets are high and economical.

large plastic collapsible pallet box pallet collapsible bulk container

Manufactured using a high quality plastic injection moulding process with food grade plastic

Chamfered venting on base and side panels ensures protection of produce whilst providing heightened air flow

Fast and easy assembly reducing labour costs and handling

Light weight with foldable sides with 3-into-1 fold down ratio increasing transport load efficiencies

Here are just some of the many benefits of using plastic pallet boxes as opposed to traditional wooden pallets or cardboard boxes:

• They can be reused which make them environmentally friendly

• They are more durable than cardboard boxes

• They will protect your products

• They can carry a wide variety of products

• They are fully weatherproof

• They can be stacked to save on storage space both in warehouses and in shipment container

• They can be used in a variety of moving equipment (i.e forklifts)

• Nestable crates for ease of use

• They can save your business money as they are cost-effective

• Great drainage and circulation features for transporting food and pharmaceuticals

Coined words on or around them, they have been on every street corner, they have been movie stars, icons, canvas for the street artist. But can they stand the test of acids and alkaline contained in the foodstuffs? Just like the good old corrugated, galvanized cans of yester years, it is time for them to retire. They are noisy, ugly and rusty. They leak, their bottoms fall off, they have sharp corners and worst of all, they wake you up at the crack of dawn.

In the case of food waste (organics), plastic containers really shine. Remember the good old days of sardine cans made of steel? You may find an old black and white photo of one in an antique magazine. Even though there are some steel cans still being used, the coatings are very advanced, expensive and delicate. If we were to analyze a week’s worth of waste from a kitchen, be it from home or a hotel, you’ll find a variety of corrosive (to metals) substances.

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