Ce Certification N95 Face Mask

Ce Certification N95 Face Mask

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Name Kn95 
 crate weight 9kg 
1crate including 45box (900pcs)
certification Ce, Iso, FDA 
Shipping time about 7 days 

- 3-Layer protection:

Wearing it could effectively block out dust, bacteria, droplets, and air pollution, and then offer oxygen 

for you to breathe comfortably, protecting your health.

- Breathable and comfortable:

Lightweight design, skin-friendly texture, wearing it even for a long time won't create any fatigue or 

stress to your skin.

- Elastic earloop style:

Elastic earloop means that our mask could fit any face shape, which also helps you take on or off it 

quickly and easily.

- Built-in adjustable metal nose-bridge strip:

Built-in adjustable metal nose-bridge strip, just press it gently to fit the nose bridge to better seal your 


- All-season adoption:

You can wear it when you need it no matter what the season is. It is very suitable for daily activities, 

such as daily outing, house cleaning, gardening.


1. Disposable, single-use, breathable, light and environment-friendly;

2. High elasticity ear loop / head strap help fit different users and dual point attachment helps provide 

a secure seal;

3. Soft nose cushion for easy and comfortable fit;

4. Adjustable nose piece for extra comfort;

5. Breathing valve enables easy breathing and helps avoid moisture fogging inside the mask;

6. At least 95% filtration efficiency against certain non-oil based particles.

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