1162 Collapsible Pallet Box Large Production

1162 Collapsible Pallet Box Large Production

Date:Nov 05, 2019

1162 collapsible pallet box large production

The 1162 collapsible plastic pallet box whole size is 1162x1162x690mm, it is the Australia standard size, Mostly used for fruits and vegetables.  Collapsible can be save 63% space. When the container open, can be stackable each other at least 5 container high. 


1162 collapsible pallet box in werehouse

 The container be Composed of 2 parts. The one is four sides, the other is black base which have 2 runners. Pls check the photos as below.

in stock

The Christmas Day would coming soon, More and more client ready enough pallet box in stock in order to used in the holiday.  Do you have any plan on the collapsible plastic pallet box? 

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