Benefits Of Plastic Pallet Box

Benefits Of Plastic Pallet Box

Date:Oct 15, 2016

Benefits Of Plastic Pallet Box

Locating a plastic pallet box supplier online can take some doing. The material handling world knows this product by many different names. Try googling “plastic pallet box” and “plastic bin”- you’re more likely to find products suited to refrigerating leftover meatloaf, optimizing home closet space, and sorting out fasteners alongside your garage workbench. Bed, Bath, and BeGone!

These pallet box and bins share common nomenclature with industrial plastic bulk containers, but that’s where the similarities end.

What Makes Plastic Pallet Box Special?

Bulk containers, or container bins, are industrial strength shipping boxes specially designed to safely transport both raw materials and finished goods along the different stages of the supply chain.

Reliable plastic pallet box are essential to any industry that cannot afford waste and inefficiency as products are transported from the manufacturing plant to the floor of the retail store.

Returnable Plastic Pallet Box

Closed loop distribution, processing, and manufacturing systems rely on returnable, reusable packing to limit replacement cost and improve throughput.

Return Ratio?

Collapsible Bulk Containers are particularly helpful due to their high Return Ratio. Once a container bin has unloaded at its destination, it can be consolidated with other empty bins into a smaller cargo area and returned to the start of closed loop- the beginning of the supply chain.

Return Ratio calculations are made by taking the ratio of the number of collapsed containers that can be shipped in the space of one upright container.

The greater the return ratio, the greater the return shipping cost savings.

Example: A 3:1 container return ratio means that three containers can be shipped in the space of one container during return shipment.

Plastic Pallet Box Are Strong

Broken containers can halt production and distribution of products, resulting in angry customers, lost business, and inflated manufacturing costs.

A proper plastic bin is formulated from tough polyethylene and polypropylene resins to create a tough, shatter-resistant bin that will not fail during transport and storage.

And durability doesn’t necessary mean that the plastic pallet boxes are overweight; some bulk containers are made from high-density structural foam and can be lifted with one finger!

Plastic Pallet Boxes Are Stackable

Stackable Plastic Pallet Boxes allow shippers to optimize costly transport and storage space, limiting costs for more profitable operations.

Plastic Pallet Boxes Have ForkEntries

Pallet Boxes that include 4-Way forklift & pallet jack fort entries allow them to be quickly and securely loaded and moved without delay or spillage.

What Industries Use Plastic Pallet Boxes?

The automotive, food processing, and agricultural industries rely on bulk containers to provide reliable material movement.

Plastic containers are a natural choice for handling food processing since they can be steam-cleaned for simple sanitization.

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