Flat Top And Smooth Surface Plastic Pallets Rerady For Shipment

- Jun 10, 2019-

Flat top and smooth surface plastic pallets rerady for shipment

1210H7 CP plastic pallet 05

Features and advantages:

1. Anti-moth, free fumigation, reducing cargo export procedures and costs, accelerating cash flow, enhancing Competitiveness.

2. Materials recyclable--broken pallets are raw materials for some other products.

3. No static sparks, no combustion, help to prevent the warehouse fire.

4. Long service life——2-3 times that of wooden pallet, even 4-5 times of wooden pallet life when used carefully.

5. Certain chemicals added to the materials to improve the features of the pallet for different application.

6. Tasteless and non-toxic, having no pollution on goods such as food, helping to improve warehouse environment. 

7.Easy to print such as client’s logo for recognizing or advertising.

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