Manufacturers Plastic Pallet Production Technology And Production Processes

Used pallet is generally divided into two types: plastic pallets and blow molded tray below on both trays do a brief introduction:

1. plastic pallet: high-density polyethylene, plastic injection molding.

2. blow molding trays: high molecular weight high density polyethylene blow molding die production.

(1) clamp

Clamping device of injection molding machine can be divided into the injection device.

Is opening and closing mould clamping device to perform the stripping operation, toggle mode, as shown in, and the use of the direct pressure of the hydraulic cylinders directly open and closed die. After the injection unit is heating the resin melts into the mold at this time, to rotate the screw and keep into the hopper of the resin in the screw front end, after trip is equivalent to the amount of resin required storage projects. When the resin flow in the mold, control speed and fill the screw after the resin pressure (pressure) control. When you reach a certain screw locations or certain injection pressure speed control switch pressure control.

(2) injection molding molds:

Mold means: to resin materials made into some kind of shape, and used to take injection injection resin-metal. Dissolved material is poured into the mold through the channel fill and stream crossing into the die. Followed by cooling engineering and tooling machine release lever on the extractor plate, push the top molding.