New Plastic Pallet Packaging Materials Will Become The Hottest Industry

1, lightweight packaging materials dominate the plastic tray.

Lightweight plastic pallet packaging materials, packaging, sales and other functions in meeting the protection and convenience of the condition, the dosage should be minimized. The low weight high strength Nano-wrapping paper, thin plastic pallet packaging will become the new darling of the market.

2, plastic pallets and packaging of material security.

In recent years reports of inferior plastic pallet packaging emerge ", PVC plastic wrap causing disturbance" and "plasticizers", "BPA" in terms of food safety, such as harm to humans. Does not contain Bisphenol a poly for phthalic acid ester resin, biodegradable food grade polyethylene plastic, edible starch plastic packaging materials in food packaging, such as chopping her companions.

3, plastic pallets and packaging material of environmental protection.

For traditional plastic tray packaging materials can't Digest has always been seen as the enemy of environmental protection in recent years, Wal-Mart, Procter, world renowned companies such as Dell are abandoned is no degradation of plastic packaging materials. The next few years, not the degradation of plastic packaging material will be gradually replaced by environmentally-friendly packaging materials.