Plastic Pallet Advantages: From Wood To Plastic

Plastic Pallet Advantages: From Wood To Plastic

Date:Nov 03, 2016

Are you using wooden pallets and thinking about using plastic pallets in the future? Do new legal requirements for your industry require you to use hygienic, clean loading equipment? Or are you wondering if plastic pallets might produce functional and financial benefits in your supply chain? We'll help you check whether the transition from wood to plastic pallets is worth it for you. Even today, traditional wooden pallets are an indispensable part of modern distribution due to their stability and their universal nature.

But the number of plastic pallets that are being used in a wide range of industries around the world is constantly increasing. Whether it is nestability, longevity, low tare weight, details like rounded corners, additional locking devices, or functional cavities, plastic makes almost any request possible and ready for production. We'll help find the perfect pallets for you.

Long Life and High Quality

Plastic pallets impress with their form stability, and longevity. Wastage and breakage, which are everyday events with wooden pallets, are not an issue with plastic. Precise measurements and designs create a high degree of stability in the process. Moreover, they can be customized for automated storage and picking systems.

Economic Efficiency

The one-time acquisition costs for plastic pallets are high in comparison with wooden pallets. But the consequential costs that develop along the logistics supply chain are significantly lower. Nestability, the decline in cleaning costs, the decrease in product breakage due to pallet damage, the reduction of repackaging costs or unnecessary mechanical downtime, and problem-free disposal – these all contribute to plastic's tremendous cost advantage in modern logistics. Additionally, plastic pallets retain their material value at the end of their operational lives: They are 100% recyclable and can be turned back into new pallets.

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