Stackable Plastic Crates Injection Mould

Stackable Plastic Crates Injection Mould

Date:Sep 02, 2017

Basic Info

Product Description

Plastic crates are widely used in agriculture, industrial and aquaculture for transferring goods. Plastic crate moulds are warmly welcomed by many customers.
For a good plastic crate mould, the mold cooling system and hot runner system are very important. A good plastic crate mold should be designed with best cooling system and special hot runner system for short cycle time.

Normally, we will insert the beryllium cooper on crate mold core top and cavity bottom to realize the fast cooling effect. And for hot runner system, we make it with easy flow and recycle material filter design

Odin Mould conpany have accumulated rich experience in
Bottle Crate Mould
Industrial Crate Mould
Vegetable Crate Mould
Fruit Crate Mould
Fish Crate Mould
Bread Crate Mould
Milk Crate Mould
cold runner or hot runner design.Professional with competitive price,on time Delivery that we promised.


Prepare Steel days
CNC Machining days
Precision CNC Machining days
Drill days
Polishing days
Assembling and Fitting days
T1 mould test days

Mould Steel: 
1. Cavity & core steel: P20 mould steel, with HRC28-32.
2. inserts & slides steel: 718(DIN1.2738), tempered with HRC38-42
3. Mould spare parts: H13 ( DIN1.2344), tempered with HRC40-45, Nitrited with HRC60-62
4. Mould base: All plate LKM 1050, made in China.
Odin Mould Quality Control:
1.Mould Material Q/C
 - Mould Steel Checking(Hardness, flaw detection)
 - Mould Standard Spare Parts Checking(hardness, size, flaw checking)
 2. Mould Making Process Q/C
 - design checking (part design, mould design, mould engineering drawing)
 - Each part of mould's size checking after machining according to 2D drawing
 - mould testing(check mould running condition and first mold testing sample)

Mould Packaging and Shipping
Painted with Anti-rust oil + Plastic film + Strong Wooden Box/Pallet.
Sent together with the mould:
 a) Mould manual instruction
 b) engineering drawing in flash disk
 c) one more set of mould spare parts: heater, ejector pin, bush, water nozzle, water pipe, hanging ring.
 d). Mold P/L strap(s) installed and tightened.
 e).Markings for waterline,identification,eyebolt etc. Stamped.

Mould Maintenance:
a) When the mould is vacant, spray anti-rust oil
b) Clean the gate and cooling system regularly
c) Avoid to use recycled material if the mould is suitable for virgin material only

Odin Mould Service:

*ODIN company every 10 days, will provide photos for customer show them tooling process
*ODIN company will send samples to the customer to check and amend the requirements.
*ODIN company will send mould test report and video.

Component Standard:
Standard mold: JIS, AISI, DIN
Standard for Mold Base:
DME, Hasco, LKM
Standard for Mold Component:
DME, Hasco, Rabourdin, Progressive, Daido

Design Capability:
Analysis the CAD from client and give feasible proposal
Modify the CAD after get client confirmation
Start tool design and modify the desgn base on feeback from client
Submit all the 2D/3D drawings to client
Software  using
Mold Flow 2012
Auto Cad 

Hot runner system:
Yudo,Moldmaster,Mastip,Husky,Incoe, etc.
The mould steel choice:
ASSAB,Bohler ,Saarstahl,Groditz,Buderus ,Finkl,DAIDO,LKM,Baosteel etc.
P.O. Procedure:

Involved departments have a meeting to optimize the mold design .
Project Manager is appointed
Mold design in process and approval
Weekly report is submitted with digital
T-1 samples with FAI is submitted
Final tooling checking after part

Odin mould manufactures many kinds of the China plastic injection crates molds, such as: vegetable crates molds, coca-cola crates molds, bread crate molds, chicken crate molds, milk crate molds, fruit crate molds, etc. 
We are China plastic injection crates molds supplier for about 10 years with rich plastic injection mold experience.
We can use P20, 718, 2311, 2344, etc steel material to manufacture the plastic injection crate molds in our factory, if the customers have their own ideas of the mold steel, we will adopt customers ideas and offer our professional solution for our customers, with the senior engineers and the designers mold experience, which will offer our customers a best solution of the mold design and the mould steel. Our company ever made one to four cavities crates mold, with get our customers good feedback.
Besides, in order to let our customers feel we are more professional and make customers feel more convenient, our company also good at plastic injection molding machines and the after sales

Custom Mold

Custom Mold list
Necessary info to get a quotationDescription of the Custom Mold basic information
Plastic components' functionBecause some engineering components, it is necessary to tell the mold maker their functions or products name to make the mold maker has an idea about the plastic products.
Plastic materialThis can help the mold maker to choose which kind of steel and which kind of injection gate…
Plastic components drawing or 3D fileIf you have 3D design, or 2D detailed drawings for the plastic components, then it is available for getting the quotation, if you only have the plastic samples, then please do the dimension indication on the picture and send us the clear picture for getting a more correct quotation.
Plastic components quantity demandsYou can tell mold maker by every year, every month or every day how many pieces you need. Because the mold maker need this information to fix how many cavities on the quoted molds. And also it help mold maker to choose the correct steel, also it will help the mold maker to optimizer your mold custom cost.
Molding machine tonnage or injection capacityThis can help the mold maker to calculate the mold cavity Nr. According with your machine's size.
Custom Mold components brandIf you have special requirement for the custom mold components brand such like hot runner, hydraulic cylinder and so on, please do remember to tell mold maker when you sending an inquiry.

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