"Twelve-Five" Rate Cut Plastic Pallet Industry Hard

Date:May 20, 2016

In the process of economic transformation, plastic pallet speed of growth in the processing industry has entered the new normal to ensure stable development of the industry, promote the industry to become a high-end player "Thirteen-Five" an important issue during the period. The "Twelve-Five" period, plastic pallet industry in transforming the mode of development, optimizing industrial structure, enhance quality and improve the overall level of development has been rapid development. However, under the trend of economic development, plastic pallet industry "Twelve-Five" during the annual growth of 8.41%, a "Eleven-Five" (20.1%) fell by more than 11%. In 2015, plastic pallet industry output increased by only 0.9%, grew over the years the lowest drop in efficiency of the sector, the structure is not rational and creative ability shortage has become increasingly prominent.

China plastic tray processing industry association, Chairman of Qian Guijing pointed out that, in in the speed growth of new normal Xia, plastic tray processing of development to to "high-end of" for core, foster industry new of growth; to improve production efficiency for core, efforts foster industry new of competition advantage; speed up to cheap labor mainly of primary compared advantage to technology, and equipment, and capital, and talent mainly of composite competition advantage change. To focus on "functional, lightweight, ecological, micro forming" technical direction, key raw materials, advanced technology, equipment and process three development bottlenecks, closely focus on the high-end of the strategic, collaborative innovation and strengthen research-oriented structure PR, breaking the key common problems constraining the development of the industry and core technology.

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