Small Sizes Plastic Dustbin

Small sizes plastic dustbin

Product Details

  1. hot sale! HDPE cheap indoor plastic waste bin price for sale

  2. 1.size:480X420X640mm 




Product feature:

  1. dustbin platic can be recylable.
    2.ISO9001:2008 plastic dustbin manufacturer
    3.acid , alkali , corrosion resistance
    4. Industrial use, Hospital,outdoor,restaurant etc

  2. ·An integrated plastic structure(100% HDPE).
    ·The special structural design, and compression type garbage truck form a complete set of automatic dump.
    ·High impact resistant polyethylene injection molding, high strength, long life, corrosion resistance,impact resistance, without nails ,without thorns, nont-oxic tasteless, easy washing disinfection, not rot, no pollution, economy, 

  3. environmental protection, convenience and health.
    ·Enclosed with cover structure, avoid junk Spills.
    ·With lids, prevents odor distribute, water intrusion, mosquitoes breed.
    ·Bottom strengthen in particular, is not easy to collapse, deformation and wear, prolong the service life of products.
    ·Equipped with plastic handle and castor, easy to operate, mobile and flexible .
    ·Heat resistance, anti-freezing and corrosion protection chemicals. 
    ·Melting temperature of the materials used stands not lower than 120℃, the auto-ignition temperature not less than 350℃, softening temperature not lower than 110 ℃, low temperature resistant to minus 20-30℃.

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