Vegatable Plastic Folding Crates

Folding plastic crates for vegetable use loading capacity 20kg with 5 layers size 600x400 color blue can be customized, free logo printing, warranty 1 year

Product Details

Vegatable Plastic Folding Crates

vegetable plastic folding crates description

Mesh Plastic Folding Small Cratesvegetable plastic folding crate

colorblue,red,orange etc.
logoprinting by your demand
place of origionshandong,china
adapt temp.-20℃-60℃

 vegetable plastic folding crates features

-Size and color can be made by customer's requirments.

-The sides can be hot stamped and screen printed with the customer's name and logo

-Label holder can be optional for attaching.

-Polypropylen,long service life,especially suitable for use in the automovtive  industry.

Plasticbox: they are resistant to temperature,acid,alkali,impact and high strength.

and applicable for the circulation,packing and use of such industries metals;electronic assembly,cloth making;leather and toys etc.


Fruit and veg crates  are very lightweight and this is a major advantage. This ensures that they are not easily damaged or heavy when carrying. These crates are also very durable and this is because they are not easily destroyed. A lighter and durable product is able to protect the fruits and vegetables. This will be a great way for you to save money. Another advantage of fruit and veg crates is that they are they are easy to clean. Fruits and vegetables should always be stored in clean environments. With these crates all you need to do I sanitize them. Minimal maintenance will have your fruits staying fresh all the time.

Another advantage of fruit and vegetable crates is that they are space efficient. This means you can store all the amounts of fruits and vegetables you have. It is also important to have enough space because when fruits and vegetables are pressed they may easily go bad. One single rotten fruit can destroy all the other fruits. Another advantage of fruit and vegetable crates is that they are easy to handle. This is because stacking them is very easy. This provides a great way to improve the safety of your fruits and vegetables.  

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