Plastic Injection Box Mould beer bottle crate

Plastic Injection Box Mould beer bottle crate

Plastic Turnover Box Mould, Plastic Crate Mould, Plastic Container Mould manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Plastic Injection Box Mould (SF-13008),Plastic Turnover Box Mould (SF-13001),Plastic Crate Mould, Plastic Box Mould, Plastic Container Mould and so on.

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ENLIGHTENING PALLET is an experienced plastic injection box mould beer bottle crate supplier among those world famous plastic injection box mould beer bottle crate manufacturers, who can offer you hot sale and cheap plastic injection box mould beer bottle crate wholesale service. Welcome to order our products at low price with our factory.

Plastic Injection Box Mould beer bottle crate

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Shaping Mode:Injection Mould

  • Process Combination Type:Single-Process Mode

  • Application:Household Appliances, Commodity, Home Use

  • Installation:Semi Fixed

Product Description

Plastic mould, crate mould, plastic vegetable crate mould, mould

beer crate2.jpg


Processing capacity: Mold design, mold making and plastic injection molding

Material of Mould, 45#, P20, 718, 718H, 2738, 2316, S136 and more kinds of material you can choose,
Mould frame: 45Pre-hardened> 30 HRC
Cooling System: Recirculating
Medium-term treatment: Tone quality, improve the hardness
Post-processing: Nitride(Nitriding temperature is low, deformation is small, it is no longer the need for quenching high surface hardness(over HV850) and wear
Die life: P20 Normal use no less than 30 million times
Molding process technology: Review plan--- Stock preparation--- Processing-- Rough mold base --- Punch machining--- EDM die sinking--- Die Machining---Inspection--- Assembly--- Flight mode--- Tryout--- Customer confirm the sample--- producer of delivery to the customer
Transportation: In the mold must be installed before shipment clamping piece, packing strong, rust-proof, logistics and transport
After-sales service: Die 1 year repair, Free maintenance during warranty
Note: Mold in the production process, we have to offer die each week of progress and take picturesVegetable Crate Mould Mould

Runner system 1 point gate hot runner
Ejection system Inclined ejecting block
Moulds running Full automaticity
Moulds features Complex mould structure. Ect
Injection cycle time: 12s, 15s, 18s, 20s, 22s, 25s(high speed injection machine)


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