HDPE Big Collapsible Pallet Box

HDPE Big Collapsible Pallet Box

Collapsible Large Bulk 5 layers stackable Dynamic load 1t, static load 4t

HDPE foldable Plastic Pallet Box 1200*1000*1000mm


This collapsible pallet box for heavy industrial use is ideal for storing goods in bulk, partly thanks to 2 doors on the side that give easy access to the box.

The capacity is 887 litres with a maximum loading weight of 1000kg. The dimensions are 1200x1000x360mm when folded. During transport, the maximum stacking height with unfolded and loaded pallet boxes is 3 units (up to 2000kg weight on the bottom box), folded pallet boxes during return transport can be stacked up to 7 pieces high.

stacking pallet container

With static storage, the maximum stacking height for loaded pallet boxes is 5 (up to 4000kg on the bottom box), folded pallet boxes can be stacked up to 15 pieces high.

The pallet box has a weight of 55kg. The box is extremely strong and therefore suitable for heavy industrial use, gives excellent protection, is accessible from four sides with a forklift or pallet truck and gives extra flexibility in handling. The temperature range is between -20°C and 40°C.

folding pallet bin

Doors2 folding doors
Capacity1000kg max load capacity
UsageIndustrial heavy quality
OthersFoldable and stackable

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