Heavy Duty Collapsible Plastic Bulk Container

Heavy Duty Collapsible Plastic Bulk Container

heavy duty 1200x1000x810mm collapsible plastic bulk container with lid size 1200x1000x810mm weight 43kg Static load 4T, Dynamic load 1T 4 ways entry for Forklift & Pallet Jack

Heavy Duty Collapsible Plastic Bulk Container

Collapsible plastic bulk container Discraption: 


Static load/Dynamic load4T/1T
Entry4 ways entry for forklift & Pallet Jack

Collapsible plastic bulk container Feature: 

Collapsible large plastic bulk container with lid fold 4 steps: 

collapsible long side with yellow color lock

next is the Opposite or next to close or open the folded bin. 


Advantages for collapsible pallet bins:

Lower Shipping Costs

Collapsible pallet bins are great for providing great savings. Because they offer a lightweight, yet protective packing solution for products, they decrease the shipping cost greatly. Another advantage occurs when they have to be shipped back to the warehouse. Due to their collapsible design, they take up less space on the transport. This can also help to reduce the overall return-shipping costs.

Additional Storage Space When Not in Use

Unlike many other industrial grade storage containers on the market, collapsible pallet bins are just that – collapsible. This means that, when not in use, they can easily be collapsed down and stored without taking up too much space. This can help in storing and packing, or in shipping costs, if they have to be shipped back to the original warehouse.



Collapsible pallet bins also provide high advantages and money saving due to their long life and reusable design. Unlike corrugated or wooden containers, which can perish over time, collapsible pallet bins provide a more durable design which can be used time and time again for many products over the years.


Easy Transport and Packing

Because collapsible pallet storage bins are the width size of a pallet, they provide easy transport and neat packing in or on any transportation vehicle. Forklifts can easily organize and pack the pallets evenly, ready for transport, making the work environment more efficient.


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