foldable collapsible pallet box

foldable collapsible pallet box

offers customers the ability to replace their existing wooden and other plastic pallets with a lighter, reliable and environmentally friendly alternative that allows to optimise their logistics and supply chain solutions.

 foldable collapsible pallet box Surface and top deck-lips designed to prevent slippage, even when wet, for the safe transportation of raw materials to the manufacturer and finished goods along the supply chain. Maximises top deck space to allow full use of the pallet, reducing transport costs.




External Dimension(L*W*H)


Internal Dimension(L*W*H)


Fork-lift Entry


Static Load 


Dynamic Load


Rack Load



Folded size:1200*1000*290mm

foldable collapsible pallet box Fully compatible with crates and trays, providing a total plastic system. Can be used with all standard handling equipment. Four-way entry for easy access from multiple sides.

Dimensional accuracy makes it suitable for automated production, packaging and warehousing processes, minimising product damage and reducing downtime. Every pallet is carefully inspected and serviced to deliver improved conditions for health and safety.


Warning: Please DO NOT rack across pallet width unless the three pallet skids are adequately supported. Avoid direct contact with the following substances: benzene and chlorine-based compounds, oleum, nitric acid, bromic acid and methyl bromide.

Preliminary testing is recommended on each automated or gravity pallet handling system due to the bespoke nature of each technical set up. Enligtening does not recommend the use of this pallet in direct contact with unpacked foodstuffs.

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