Plastic Pallet Box For Argo-Food Sectors

Plastic Pallet Box For Argo-Food Sectors

Argo-food use plastic pallet box.

Type: Foldable Plastic Pallet Box

External size: 1200*1000*810mm

Internal sizse: 1110*910*660

Weight: 43kg

Dynamic load: 1 Ton

Static load: 4 Ton

Material: HDPE

Exporting Markets: New Zealand, Australia


  1. Can be foldable to optimized storage

  2. Optimized logistics

  3. Safe stacking

  4. Greater capacity

  5. Surprising simplicity

  6. Incredible strength

  7. The widest range of standard size

  8. No sharp edges

  9. Complete variety of standard accessories

  10. Fully recyclable


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