Industrial Foldable Plastic Pallet Bin

Industrial Foldable Plastic Pallet Bin

stable base structure plastic pallet bin two doors heavy duty foldable bin

Industrial foldable plastic pallet bin

Plastic pallet bin foldable also named industrial heavy-duty plastic bin .It is an assembling box,which mainly consists of tray and walls.The length and width are stable for each type,while the height is customized. According to customer’s products,we can also design the lining packing way. The transportation cost will be saved up to 30%-80% by the recycled use of both lining and box. Widely used in various fields,such as packaging, logistics, storage and especially used for automotive parts packaging and storage or any company with logistics demand can freely use it.


High strength, durable and light weight 

Better wear resistance and longer service life

Easy to assemble

Space saving : reduce 4/5 of the volume 

Shock resistance

collapsible plastic pallet box

Specifications for industrial foldable pallet bin


dynamic load1t
static load4t
racking5 layers

Our Industrial Foldable Plastic Pallet Bin is a heavy-duty bulk container, made from high-density polyethylene. Not only is it tough and durable, but it easily collapses for efficient storage and transportation. This bin has been designed with convenience in mind and is commonly used to move, store, protect and ship various equipment, materials and components.

For added benefit, the Foldable Plastic Pallet bin completely folds down into a flat configuration. When collapsed, it can be stack 7 to a pallet. This functionality also allows for multi-point entry, and the bulk bin can be accessed from all sides. Its rounded legs are great for forklift or hand truck entry. The Collapsible Pallet Box also has a ventilated reinforced base for improved durability.

Used widely in the mining and warehouse industries, the Pallet Box is made from a non-food grade material.

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