1.2x1m Heavy Duty Logistic Solid Plastic Pallet Box

1.2x1m Heavy Duty Logistic Solid Plastic Pallet Box

3.static load 4t,dynamiac load 1t

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1.2x1m Heavy Duty Logistic Solid Plastic Pallet Box

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External dimensions       1200mm(w) x 1000mm(d) x 760mm(h)
Internal Dimensions 1110mm(w) x 910mm(d) x 760mm (h)
Side Options Option of solid or ventilated units
Unit Weight 37kg                                        
Stackability  Yes
Dynamic load capacity 1T
Static load capacity 4T
Capacity L 610L
Skids 2


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solid pallet box

The plastic pallet boxes have smooth interior surfaces, which are very easy to clean.They are approved by the CFIA and are made with FDA compliant materials.They stack safely to save floor space and maximize warehouse and transportation. With a great versatility, they meet the most rigorous demands in industrial, food processing, and agricultural applications. They facilitate handling during storage and transport.


Straight-wall, stackable up to 10 high, approved by the CFIA. The most popular and economic category. Not designed to contain liquids at all times to its maximum capacity. Options: drain, lid, wheels, access door, etc.

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