Food Grade Stackable Plastic Pallet Container

Food Grade Stackable Plastic Pallet Container

Food Grade Stackable Plastic Pallet Container is widely used for food and beerage industry stackable with 5 layers, each 500kg color gray can be customized, free logo printing warranty 3 years

Food Grade Stackable Plastic Pallet Container


Solid stackable plastic pallet bins display:

Food Grade Stackable Plastic Pallet Containers


Details info:

load capacity

static load:4ton
dynamic load :1ton


100% Virgin HDPE

colorstandard grey,can be customizedwarranty3 years
Partscan be wheel,lid,water outlet  



plastic forklift pallet crate use:


HDPE solid pallet box stock:


Vegetable food grade plastic pallet box factory:

Company Description

1.Manufacturer: Enlightening Pallet Industry Co.,Ltd

2.Scope of business: Plastic pallet/ collapsible crate, plastic crate.

3.Brands: LT.

4.Certificate: SGS, ISO9001:ISO14001, EN840, GB/ T28001-2001.

The Enlightening bin is the original Chinese bulk bin. Designed for fruit and vegetable movement and retail high performance the Enlightening bin is clearly the way of plastic produce bins in China.

Rounded corners and smoother interior surfaces results in less bruising and damage to your produce. Multiple vents in sides and base provide superior airflow so products cool faster adding valuable shelf life to your produce. The smooth, non-absorbent surface will not harbour or transfer mould, bacteria or disease carrying organisms.

The design is compatible with most bin handling equipment. Bins feature unique moulded label holders for cards and tags. Small, exterior pads reduce scratches. Easy, clear ownership with identification with hot foil stamping. Comfortable handholds are built in for easy lifting and handling of bins. The positive interlocking foot design permits fast and safe stacking.

Enlightening bin are up to 40% lighter in weight than wood bins and the weight is constant as they don’t absorb moisture. This allows for Increased freight efficiencies of 4-5%. In practice you are able to transport 2-3 extra bins of fruit per semi-trailer load.

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