Large Vented Plastic Pallet Box

Large Vented Plastic Pallet Box

Large vented plastic pallet box is widely used for agricultural. Unfoldable structure makes sure the the box is strong and durable four way entry for forklift and manual jacks

Large vented plastic pallet box


Vented plastic pallet box display:High volume heavy duty hdpe mesh large plastic pallet box for fruits market


large vented plastic pallet box specifications:



Material:100% HDPE

Static load:4ton,Dynamic load 1ton

Load qty 20GP:42pcs,40HQ:102pcs

High volume heavy duty hdpe mesh large plastic pallet box for fruits market


vented plastic pallet box usage:


vented stackable plastic pallet box packing:



HDPE plastic bins: Food handling, transporting and storing

With tightened regulations placed on food products and increasing demand from consumers for higher quality fruit, it's become more crucial to ensure the safe and hygienic handling of fresh produce like fruits and vegetables. Plastic pallet bins are better alternatives to wooden crates because they're cleaner and safer to use.

Wooden pallet bins are made of organic materials that give rise to mould and bacteria, due to the porous nature of the surface and the multiple piece design. Their plastic counterparts are a single-piece design, with a smooth interior surface. Additionally, plastic bins are chemical-resistant and do not absorb moisture so they're perfect for shipping perishable and consumable goods. There's no danger of fresh produce getting contaminated – thereby preventing potential losses from rotten products. These pallet bins are also sturdier and more durable than their timber counterparts, especially if they’re made of HDPE plastic. No nails in the plastic bins mean no more forklift punctures in the packhouse.

Physical benefits of each solid and ventilated bins

Food grade HDPE plastic bins like the Nally Megabins come in different versions: watertight and ventilated. The vented pallets come with air vents on the side and the base, providing ventilation for produce. This ventilation adds valuable shelf life to your produce. Watertight or solid pallet bins allow finer products & liquids to be stored & transported.

Both versions can be easily stacked, so they're space-efficient and easy to handle. They can withstand moisture and differences in temperature, unlike wooden bins that absorb moisture. Compared to the nails and splinters found in wooden crates, plastic pallet bins reduce safety risks and allow for manual handling when empty with their hand grips. Their rounded corners and interior smooth surface also prevent fruits and vegetables from bruising and damage thus increasing pack-out percentage.

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