Plastic Pallet Sleeve Box

out size:1200x800x800mm, inner size:1160X760X680mm material:HDPE, weight 27.5kg dynamic load:600kg, Stacking:1200kg 1x20GP:264pcs, 1x40HQ:456pcs

Product Details


The sleeve box is with top lid,sleeve,pallet base 3 parts. Sleeve can be folded and put in the

middle of the lid and base to save spaces

side drop doors easy access;

hOOk&LOOP:more stable when open and close the side door

water drain:there is small hot for water drain on the runner bottom

Top lid and pallet base produced with blow molding technique

lock:optional ,can add if needed for fasten lid with box body

Size tolerance 3mm

Load capacity pass CPRTC test

Working temperature -30 to 50 celsius

1 (1)_副本

(1)material :Honeycomb high-strength polypropylene (PP) material, the honeycomb

panel is composed of an intermediate layer between the upper plastic skin layer and the

lower plastic skin layer, the intermediate layer is a plastic sheet, the plastic sheet The

surface of the plate is uniformly provided with protrusions and depressions, the

protrusions and depressions are all circular in the direction of the plate surface; and the

protrusions and depressions are staggered on the plate surface to make the plastic plate

The shape of at least one of the cross-sections is irregularly undulating; the top surface of

each of the protrusions of the intermediate layer is fixedly connected with the upper

plastic skin layer, and the bottom surface of each of the depressions is fixedly connected

with the lower plastic skin layer, thereby fully utilizing the efficiency of the intermediate

layer. , to improve the load-bearing property of the plate surface, and because the

protrusions and depressions are circular, the force on each side is more uniform, so that

the lateral force of the honeycomb panel is laterally applied (ie, the transverse section is

subjected to force and longitudinal section). The load-bearing capacity of the force and

even the oblique section is at a higher level. The thickness of the sheet is 10±0.2mm.

(2)The long side of the hoard box has an opening on one side, the opening size is

600*350mm, the opening plate is opened and then turned down, and the gusset is stuck with

the gusset, which is ergonomic; the opening is closed and there is no gap between the slab

The opening crease shall have a double crease structure. Under normal temperature

conditions, the life of the gusset is folded, and the opening window is not less than 5000


(3)The surrounding bend is not less than 10,000 times。

(4)The edge of the panel must be edged

1 (2)_副本

2. Pallet lid and base requirement

The top cover is black, double-layer blow molding process (more suitable for use under

low temperature conditions).

The weight of the top cover does not exceed the parameters of Table 1.

The top cover and the bottom bracket are perfectly matched, and each has a

corresponding stacking structure and a non-slip design.

Need to pass the corresponding test of China Packaging Research and Testing Center.

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