Plastic Bulk Bin

Plastic Bulk Bin

Handle your industrial products with ease. Durable bulk containers protect your product throughout every handling step in your warehouse: picking, assembly, processing, storing, distributing and shipping. Plus, features like removable walls allow walk-in access for improving productivity

Product Details

Plastic Bulk Bin Available in a variety of materials to meet your specific industry requirements. Capacity requirements can easily be met with your choice of light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty designs. Looking to save space? Try nestable styles or collapsible bulk containers.

bulk bin details

From automotive parts to sweet potatoes, bulk containers transport your product safely and securely. Choose from sturdy solid wall designs and open vented wall designs for superior ventilation. Open top bulk boxes provide full visibility for easily checking inventory. Optional bulk container lids can add stability.

Choosing the best plastic bulk bin starts with expert advice. Our container pros can help you choose from an extensive selection of standard sizes, materials and colors for a reliable solution that can be used again and again even in the most severe handling environments.

Plastic Bulk Bins For Any Application

Enlightening provides a complete line of collapsible bins, plastic pallet bin, and plastic mega bins. 

Our bins are excellent tools for WIP inventories, long-term storage systems, closed loop 

applications and general bulk transport. They often yield surprising results for return on investment and cost reduction projects.

bulk bin usage

bulk container usage

Factors To Consider

There are many factors to consider and be aware of when choosing the correct plastic bin. The dimensions are all external which means that the internal dimensions of the bins are a few inches less. Considering the product being packaged, the cost per cubic foot, and ease of handling is also important when matching the correct bin.

plastic bulk bin shipping

We can assist in your decision making process by tailoring a product analysis to see if a return on investment can be realized in your company’s financial structure. Please call or email us and let Enlightening help find the correct bulk containers for you.

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