Stacking Use Plastic Pallet

Stacking Use Plastic Pallet

1400x1200x150mm stacking use plastic pallet
New HDPE ingredients Quality assured

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Stacking Use Plastic Pallet


stacking use plastic pallet specification

100% virgin HDPP/HDPE
dynamic load2t
static load6t

stacking use plastic pallet real picture


stacking use plastic pallet stock picture


Thicken material

Upgrade the thick material, the bearing capacity is stronger, the upgrade price of the material is not upgraded, and the real price is real.

In warehouses and storage facilities, stacking loaded plastic pallets correctly is crucial to preventing accidents. According to the Occupational Safety & Health Standards (OSHA) guidelines, materials should be stacked, blocked, interlocked, and limited in height to secure them against sliding or collapsing. The storage of the materials should not create a hazard as well. Poorly stacked loaded pallets pose a serious risk to employee safety and increase the chances of warehouse injuries. 

When stacking loaded plastic pallets, pallet load stability is important to ensure minimal product damage. During handling and transportation, loosely wrapped pallets with an uneven weight distribution can cause products to shift. Stacking such pallets can make the entire load topple over, causing significant product damage and increasing the total cost of business (TCOB). Hence, it is critical for businesses to train their warehouse employees in proper techniques for loading pallets and creating a stable stack of loaded pallets.

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