3 Runners Heavy Duty Pallet For Racking

3 Runners Heavy Duty Pallet For Racking

size 1200*1000*150mm
material virgin HDPE
weight 17kg
static load 4000kg, dynamic load 1000kg

3 runners heavy duty pallet for racking


This 3 Runner Plastic Pallet comes with a bottom support of three runners and can be

stacked easily. Highly capacious and durable, this pallet is used in carrying heavy and

light items in various industries.


plastic pallet with 3 runners

strong plastic pallet


When you factor in the length of time these pallets will last, it becomes a much more affordable option that will give you the added benefits of being both recyclable and lightweight. Manufactured in Michigan, this light duty plastic pallet features 3 runners permanently attached to the base, increasing its strength, stability and stackable surface

area that is hard to match.


plastic racking pallet

3 runners plastic racking pallet

Every consideration has been taken to minimize weight while maintaining strength and durability:


  • Tapered edges assist fork tine entry and assist splitting a pallet off a nested stack.

  • The pallet deck perimeter is reinforced with extra ribs to increase impact resistance.

  • The 4-way entry is compatible with nearly all fork trucks and hand trucks. The open deckdesign allows for easy handling and cleaning. A superior nesting ratio allows 2100 pallets to fit in a 53’ truck, which significantly reduces the per pallet shipping costs.


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