2 Drums Spill Containment Pallet

2 Drums Spill Containment Pallet

1.Size:1300x660x150 mm
2.Weight:17kg Leakage
3. capacity:80L
4.Static load:1300kg Dynamic load:600kg

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2 Drums Spill Containment Pallet

Differents drums of spill pallet decription:

  • Size:1300x660x150 mm

  • Weight:17kg Leakage capacity:80L

  • Static load:1300kg Dynamic load:600kg



Enlightening Spill Pallets are constructed using the same 100% Polyethylene design as the Ultra-Spill Pallets, which provides excellent support for heavy loads and increased accessibility for pouring and transporting.

While the design is the same, Enlightening Spill Pallets are treated with a process known as fluorination, which makes them compatible with more aggressive chemicals and certain chlorinated solvents.

high quality spill pallet usage pics:


heavy duty spill platform packaging:


Flexibility in design is a critical issue in product handling.It’s only through this that you can design plastic pallets for special applications such as anti-spill plastic pallets.

This is a spill control plastic pallet.Therefore, you can mold pallets for different applications where thetypes of load they handle depends on their unique designs.Take for example:

Rackable plastic pallets that fit seamlessly on racks
Nestable plastic pallets that save on space
Stackable pallets, popularly known for optimizing unitization

spill platform for sale company:

photobank (4)_副本.jpg

four way entry spill pallet certificate:


Furthermore, you can include other special features such as RFID identifications or anti-static property.

Such features make plastic pallets even more versatile.In short, the simplicity or complexity of a plastic pallet design will depend on its unique specific applications.ConclusionClearly, you can see that plastic pallet advantages surpass what wood pallets offer.

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