Double Deck Plastic Pallet

Double Deck Plastic Pallet

Six-Runner Pallet: Also called cruciform or picture frame pallets, six-runner pallets can be thought of as having two sets of three runners beneath the deck, which run perpendicular to each other. This strengthens the pallet, creates a partial bottom deck, and allows these plastic pallets to be racked and stacked on top of each other when they are empty or when the load beneath can support the weight of a fully loaded pallet.

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double deck plastic pallet

Within industries, there’s a pallet for every purpose. There are so many, in fact, that an exhaustive list isn’t possible. However, industry-specific plastic pallet types that are common and often used across multiple industries do bear mentioning

The form of a pallet gives it certain features. When empty and full pallets need to be carried on the same truck at the same time, a nestable pallet like the nine-legged pallet is a great advantage as empty pallets can nest within each other to take up as little room as possible. Since transportation legs from local bottling plants to local stores and back again often carry both empty and full pallets, nine-legged pallets are frequently used by the beverage industry. Features like these can protect profit margins by eliminating dead legs.

six runners

six runner pallets

Pallet features are directly related to their form. Nestable, rackable, and stackable pallets have these characteristics because of their shape and design. Stackable plastic pallets can be stacked because they’re double-sided and are usually—but not always—edge racking as a result as well. Due to their shape, nestable plastic pallets can’t be stacked or racked. Three-runner pallets are inexpensive and durable, but because of their two-way entry may create awkward situations where a pallet cannot be retrieved. Six-runner pallets have greater flexibility but also have a more complicated form and a higher price.

strong pallet

flooring pallet

Heavy goods like automotive engines, drivetrains, and even whole motorcycles don’t fit on pallets of the usual size and proportions. The solution is to have a custom pallet built to properly support the unusual shape of the product. Traditionally these custom platforms have been made of wood, but plastic is increasingly being used in the form of PVC planks cut and fastened together. Occasionally ABS is injected into a custom pallet mold, though this limits utility and recyclability.

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