Double Sides Plastic Pallet

Double Sides Plastic Pallet

double sides plastic pallet: This is a broad category of pallets that have both top and bottom decks. The bottom deck of a reversible pallet may be a full deck that is identical to the top of the pallet or it may merely have enough surface to connect the vital support points of the pallet. Six-runner and picture frame pallets are types of reversible pallets, but they are not the only types.

Product Details

double sides plastic pallet

100% Virgin HDPE Pallet

-Four-way entry

-Anti-slip design

-Custom size&design&color available

Material HDPE 

Dynamic Load 1-2T

Static Load 4-6T

Color Blue

Size 1300*1100*150mm

Dynamic Good loading capacity, large stress surface, increased load weight area decomposition ,clean and decent appearance.

double faced pallets

double solid deck pallet

Double sides pallets are reusable and maximize the number of turns and ROI you get for your purchase. Plastic Pallet Creations Double sides Pallets range in size and capacity. Plastic pallets are easy to use, facilitate extended periods of use and protect cargo from damage that commonly occurs as the result of wooden pallet use. Plastic Pallet Creations pallets are 100% recyclable, and offer an economic alternative to wood pallets with sustainable environmental benefits. Plastic Pallet Creations pallets have a solid deck that is easy to clean and better protects cargo.

Reversible pallets stacking pallets

Solid Double-Sides pallets have the same solid surface on both sides. This is most convenient when flipping pallets, as they are always 'face up'.   Plastic Pallet Creations pallets can be provided in a variety of colors and materials including virgin and Fire Retardant materials. Plastic Pallet Creations pallets work great with automated equipment like palletizers, depalletizes, and strapping equipment. All Plastic Pallet Creations pallets can be returned at the end of their life cycle for recycling.

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