1100x1100x125mm Full Perimeter recycled HDPE one time use plastic Pallet


Product Details

1111 Full Perimeter Pallet


Technical Data



Bottom Support Six runners
Uper deck Open deck
Length(mm) 1100
Width(mm) 1100
Height(mm) 125
Static Load 2 T
Dynamic Load 0.5 T
Color Black
Weight(kg) 7



Product features

Plastic Shipping Pallets are commonly referred to as Recycled Plastic Pallets, Export Pallets, One Way Pallets, or Ship Away Pallets. These plastic pallets are designed to transport your product at the lowest cost, making them 

very popular for international shipments.

It is  Cost Competitive Plastic export pallets are generally manufactured using recycled resins, which makes them cost

competitive to wood pallets. They are also ISPM-15 exempt, which can save you time and money when making 

international shipments.


Full perimeter plastic pallet provide for easier removal from hand and powered pallet trucks.This pallet is suitable for a 

wide range of applications, from industrial to retail, since it is available with the option of an open or closed deck. The 

optional edge lips allow for easy and safe stacking. Measuring 1100mm (L) x 1100mm (W) x 125mm (H), this medium 

weight robust full perimeter pallet has six runners and offers consistent performance at an economically attractive price.

Made from a recycled mix of HDPE materials, this pallet weighs 10kg and can support a tremendous 4000kg in static l

oad weight and up to 500kg when used in racking. Other options include branding for identification, special colours for 

larger orders and anti-slip inserts. This is a superb new pallet design for medium load applications in retail and all 



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