Single Use Plastic Pallet

1. size: 1200x1000x140mm
2. material: recycled hdpe
3. load capacity: static load 1/5t, dynamic load 0.5t
4. color black
5. load qty: 400 pcs/ 20GP, 1166 pcs/ 40HQ

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                                               Single Use Plastic Pallet

Single use plastic pallet made of recycled hdpe, works well for seafood, milk powder etc factory to use load peoduct in the container for export, the 1200x1000 light duty pallet own weight is low, but dynamic load 0.5t, static load up to 1.5t.

1200x1000 disposal plastic pallet

single use plastic pallet photo

disposal export use plastic pallet

size 1200x1000x140mmweight 6.2kg
load capacity

static load 1.5t,

 dynamic load 0.5t

material recycled hdpe
colorblackload qty

400 pcs/ 20GP

1018 pcs/ 40HQ

1200x1000 single use plastic pallet usage

1200x1000 disposal plastic pallet

When you think of a shipping pallet, does the below image come to mind (wood on wood on wood)? While pallets are traditionally wood-manufactured, plastic pallets have become more prevalent in recent years as companies shipping often and in high volumes realize the advantages of this alternative. However, 90-95% of shippers still opt for the old-fashioned version (source).The truth is that each type of pallet has its own set of pros and cons and, at the end of the day, your decision will come down to more than just cost, durability or safety alone – a host of factors need to be weighed, and we'll take a look at these considerations below.

Single use plastic pallet

Your first discovery when comparing pallet options will be that the cost of plastic pallets is drastically – up to 3x – higher than wood pallets. This is the primary reason wood remains the favored option among shippers worldwide. Cost aside, plastic pallets boast several benefits, including greater durability and lifespan, weather resistance and bug resistance. But will these benefits outweigh the higher cost? This all depends on the nature of your supply chain. 

single use plastic pallet

one way export use plastic pallet

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