1200x800 Hygienic Food Grade Plastic Pallet

1. size: 1200x800x150mm
2. weight: 23.4 kg, add 5 steel bars
3. material: hdpe
4. load capacity: static load 6t, dynamic load 2t, racking load 1.5t
5. entry:4 way for forklift, 2 way for manual jack

Product Details

                              1200x800 hygienic food grade plastic pallet

1200x800 hygienic plastic pallet

size 1200x800x150mmweight 23.4kg, add 5 steel bars
material HDPEload capacity

static load 6t,

dynamic load 2t, 

racking load 1.5t


4 way for forklift, 

2 way for manual jack

load quantity

210 pcs/ 20GP,

520 pcs/ 40HQ 

Hygienic pallet feature

Hygienic plastic pallets have a smooth surface, they are extremely easy to clean which makes them more hygienic.

The closed hygienic plastic pallet is welded pallet, raw material is hdpe, weight 18 kg, then add 5 steel bars ro make the pallet can put on racks, racking load 1500 kg, full closed design works well for food, medical factory, easy to clean and no dust.

The surface of plastic is not porous, this means that they do not allow accumulation of acids, fats, dirt, and other substances.

Plastic is impervious to odor and bad smell.

Also hygienic plastic pallets are reusable and can be recycled which is more eco-friendly and healthy for nature

Food grade hygienic pallet display

heavy duty hygienic pallet

Heavy duty durable racking hygienic plastic pallet use picture

1200x1000 racking hygienic pallet

1200x800 HDPE hygienic pallet load

Racking HDPE plastic pallet

We are on a mission to help create sustainable supply chains by ensuring that all plastic pallets and boxes are responsibly recycled at the end of their use.

Simply send us your details and we will do the rest.

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