Fruit Plastic Pallet Box

Fruit Plastic Pallet Box

Fruit plastic pallet box are in plastic and provide superior hygienic features. It is suitable for food and fruit and vegetable industry. Plastic does not deteriorate, retain liquids or odours and does not transfer them to food.

Fruit plastic pallet box are built to prevent mould formation witch would damage any kind of product. Both full and empty, can be stacked and palletized to ease fright and stocking. The crates can be stacked one on top of the other with the utmost safety and stability.

Advantage of fruit plastic pallet box

1. Thick-wall poly ethylene (PE) material resists water, oils, acids and extreme temperatures and is easily cleaned

2. Vertical ribs marry up to building compact and stable loads

3. Reinforced corners and sides afford maximum protection in the most abrasive environments

4. Allows four-way lifted by forklift trucks

5. Ventilated models available, offering great air flow for the contents.

 Can foldable to save the transport space and cost.


Applicable to fruit and vegetable industry


Agriculture and in particular fruit and vegetable growing and processing is a very demanding business. It requires packaging with high efficiency, strength and resistance to harsh environment. Packaging also has to preserve freshness and quality of produce from field to supermarket shelf. For those applications, and for horticulture, processed vegetables, leafy salads and wine growing. Fruit plastic pallet box are perfectly meeting this end-use specific needs.

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