Stackable Double Sides Warehouse Plastic Pallet

double sides plastic pallets for stackable use star customers we have Coca Cola, DHL,Budweiser, etc durable and strong

Product Details

Heavy duty large stackable double deck warehouse plastic pallet

HDPE Plastic Pallets are often made of new HDPE. Including storage series, pilling series, storage moisture series, is the important tool in modern transportation, warehousing, packaging. They are usually extremely durable, lasting for a hundred trips or more, and resist weathering, rot, chemical and corrosion, in line with national environmental requirements.

The benefits of plastic pallets include the ability to be easily sanitized, resistance to odor, fire retardancy, longer service life span, durability and better product protection, non-splintering, and lighter weight, thus saving on transportation and labor costs and making them safer and more environmentally friendly. Is widely used in warehousing logistics of food, pharmaceutical, tobacco, chemicals, machinery, electronics, ports and other industry.

large stackable plastic pallet static load 6T, Dynamic load 2T: 

双 1

Double sided plastic pallet details view: 

双 material

双 4

Warehouse plastic pallet add steels is optional with different usage: 

双 3

Double sided plastic pallet shipping: 

双 包装

Plastic pallet start customer: 

All kinds of plastic pallet exported to Ford, Coca-Cola, Carrefour, Abinbev etc to all of the world. 


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