Heavy Duty Racking Plastic Pallet

1.weight 22 kg, add 8 steel bars
2. made of HDPE
3. static load 6t, dynamic load 1.5t, racking load 1.5t
4. 4 way for forklift, 2 way for manual jack

Product Details

                              Heavy duty racking plastic pallet

heavy duty plastic pallet

Size1200x1000x150mmWeight 22 kg
Static load6 tonDynamic load 1.5 ton
Racking load1 tonEntry

4 way forklift,

2 way manual jack


3 skids hdpe pallet

3 skids plastic pallet made of HDPE, guarantee 3 years, add 8 steel bars then put on racks to decrease the reflection.

For rack pallet must use racking pallet. Carrying capacity according to the pallet racking structure, be sure non-overloading.

Plastic pallet flow on the production line, the production line should be running smoothly. pallet should be placed in the middle of the lines, both sides should be no obstacles to prevent obstacles hook, trip pallet, causing damage to pallet.


rack use pallets


Heavy duty racking palet

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