One Way Export Pallet

1. size 1200*1000*140 mm
2. material HDPE
3. weight 6.2kg

Product Details

One Way Export Pallet

Features & Benefits

  • Compression molded from 100% post-industrial recycled materials that meet all international shipping standards

  • Low cost materials with economical nesting and shipping make this pallet perfectly suited for one-way trips

  • Lightweight closed deck can be a limited re-use pallet in closed distribution systems

  • Resistant to pest infestations, mold and mildew

  • Applications include distribution, warehouse/storage and work in progress

  • Optional snap-on bottom runners are available for stackable requirements

plastic pallet with 9 legs

one time use plastic pallet

Nestable Pallets from Polymer Solutions International

For your one-time and multi-use shipping or export needs, Enlightening offers options that can save you the hassle of buying white wood pallets and heat treated wood pallets (that can be hard to get and open to penalties if not properly stamped.

Enlightening Pallet Industry offers light weight and heavy duty options to suit your material handling needs as well as your budget.

plastic export pallet

one way export pallet

During shipping, loading or offloading products in the supply chain, weight is a major concern.

Since you’d wish to reduce extra costs due to weight, it is important to avoid anything that will add even an extra kilogram.

Plastic pallets have a significant weight advantage over wood pallets or those made from other materials.

Therefore, it implies that: You can save on shipping costs, especially where the freight forwarder charges per unit weight.
Handling product will be easy since you don’t need sophisticated weight lifting equipment that will be costly. Quite a number of exporters and importers who use plastic pallets do save a reasonable amount of money.

These are lightweight plastic pallets.

ENLIGHTENING PALLET is an experienced one way export pallet supplier among those world famous one way export pallet manufacturers, who can offer you hot sale and cheap one way export pallet wholesale service. Welcome to order our products at low price with our factory.
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