Plastic Pallet Containers

Plastic Pallet Containers

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plastic pallet containers Designed and manufactured specifically for the standard. Ideal for fruit and vegetables, the pallet boxes and bulk storage containers are extremely robust.

Because plastic pallet containers are lighter and easier to move around, they never rust or decompose and graffiti can be easily removed with non-toxic cleaners, eliminating the need to be painted and re-painted. The color is body deep, not just on the surface like steel.


External Dimension(mm)Load Quality(PC)
LWH20GP40GP40HQInner Heigh

plastic pallet containers Four ways entry and suitable for mechanical forklift and manual hydraulic vehicle, and offers outstanding mechanical performance: Dynamic load 1000kg,static load 4000kg single pallet box

plastic pallet containers base reinforcement ribs and side walls linked to column corner posts, allow safe stacking up to four high with a total of 4 tons, and they are stckable and collapsible ,easily for return transport

plastic pallet containers Recycling reduces the load on our country's landfills by re-using the materials instead of throwing them away. Recycling also reduces our need for mining and processing production to extract materials to replace what doesn't get recycled. The process of mining for materials and turning them into products and packaging, such as milk bottles and soda cans, uses energy and causes heat and air pollution.

Fold-able features save more spaces in empty transportation and storage in warehouse.

1.Optimized storage, from 54% to 66% of spared space

2.Optimized logistic, transportation capacity increased up to 54%-66%

3.Safe stacking, maximum stability during handling, transportation and when piled up

4.Greater capacity 

5.Incredible strength

6.Surprising simplicity, quick, safe and practical folding operations

7.No sharp edges

8.The widest range of standard sizes, for the greatest versatility

9.Complete variety of standard accessories 

10.Fully recyclable

11.heavy to loading more goods for racking and stacking logo printing

14.lead time:15days after deposit received

15.cover available

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