2 Drums Spill Pallet

size 1320*680*300mm, weight 22kg, Volume 120 liters, static load 1.5t, dynamic load 0.6t

2 drums spill pallet used for store oil bins


Description 2 drums spill pallet used for store oil bins

store drums and other leak or spill prone containers on this pallet to help you comply with regulations.

Low profile and heavy load capacity

2 drum pallet has a low profile and can hold up to 1,500lb.

Meets containment requirements

Provided a 66-gallon sump to protect and help keep you in compliance-in the event of a small leak or complete drum failure.

Strong, Durable and long lasting

All-polyethylene construction makes the pallet light-weight and resistant to chemicals. Won't rust or corrode. Black disguises dirt and wear and tear-keeps the pallet looking good.

Removable grate makes it easy to get to the sump.

Equipped with a polyethylene grate that can be easily removed for quick access to sump area.

Drain plug makes it simple to empty.


2 drums spill pallet used for store oil bins
Color:Yellow pallet / Black Grates
Dimensions L*W*H (mm):1320*680*300mm
Weight (kg):22kg/pc
Sump Capacity:120Liters
Use Structure:2 ways entry for forklift&manaual jack
Logo:Free silk screen logo printing, also accept embossed logo

We provide a range of drip trays for use with 25 liter and other size drums. These provide a safe bunded environment for your oil, chemical and other liquid drums.

Drip trays can also be placed under machinery; including generators and manufacturing equipment to collect any drips and prevent them from spreading across the flooring.

The use of drip trays helps maintain a safe working environment, prevent the spread of spills and possible damage to flooring. By containing liquids within the drip tray clean up time is significantly reduced.

Enlightening has developed in tandem with market requirements for plastic pallets and plastic crates for all kinds of storage applications around the world and currently supplies products to a vast array of industries including, but not exclusive to, flourmills, pharmaceutical companies and dairy farms.



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