4 Drums Spill Pallet For Petroleum

4 Drums Spill Pallet For Petroleum

1.size:1300x1300x300mm 2.weight:36kg Leakage capacity:200L 3.static load:2722kg dynamic load:1300kg 4.Four ways entry for forklift &hand jack

Product Details

4 drums plastic pallet for  petroleum Industry display:


four barrel plastic  pallet detail:



weight:36kg Leakage capacity:200L

static load:2722kg dynamic load:1300kg

Four ways entry for forklift &hand jack


4 barrel pallet for  petroleum use:


1.Heavy duty, single face.
2.Widely used for clothing industry, oil industry, petroleum and chemical industry.
3.Fire resistant as well to keep the warehouse safe.
4.There are all kinds of color.
5.Corrosion resistant, Acid and alkali resistant.
6.Moisture-proof,mould-proof,without a thorn,easy to clean,can be recycled.
7.Under the condition of equal in weight,the plastic pallet load capacity is five times as wooden pallets.
8.Longer life-span,around 5-7 times to wooden pallets.


The spill pallet has been engineered as a real all-rounder that offers high performance. It is universally applicable in closed circuits, production plants and goods distribution. The high impact strength of this plastic pallet significantly reduces the risk of damage with such improper handling, and thus extends the service life. It's easy to clean after use and mainly used for warehouse with high load.


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